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2019-08-06 Góry Sowie zimą


2018-05-11 Wymarłe potwory.

Do wykonania plansz do selfie oraz całej wystawy. 
Standardowy wymiar dużej planszy to 225 cm x 150 cm w układzie pionowym lub poziomym.
Mniejsze plansze pokazujące szerszy plan a nie poszeczgólne ziwerzęta - 150 cm x 100 cm

2017-05-29 Tematy zwierzęce

Do wyboru zdjęcia i kompozycje na duże plansze do selfie i na wystawy.

2017-05-02 Tatra Mountains - South Poland

Especially April and May is the best moment to visit Tatra Mountains - snow and flowers, cold and warm - 2 seasons in one time.

2017-05-02 Baltic Sea Coast - Poland

Our green Baltic Sea is not warm, but I really love sea landscapes of polish coast.

2016-09-07 Bohemian Switzerland National Park - the Czech Republic

Bohemian Switzerland National Park is located in northern Bohemia in the district of Decin, Upland Děčín. It stretches between the villages Hřensko in the west and Chřibská in the east, the south border of the area of protected landscape Labske Sandstone and from the north it borders the Saxon Switzerland, situated on the north side of the Czech-German border.

2016-05-23 Toruń - a magical city.

Toruń is a wonderful gothic town where creator of the heliocentric theory - the most renowned Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born. When You have plans to go to Poland - Toruń is must in Your trip schedule.

2015-09-13 The best dive place in northern Poland - flooded quarry Piechcin:

Flooded quarry with crystal clear water is a great attraction for divers.
Under the water a lot of fish, boughs of submerged trees, big rocks ... and now the wreck of the ship. See the photo-reportage3D about the sinking ship.

2015-01-26 A piece of iron history of railways in Poland

Photos taken at different times and in different places. One motivation - to keep in 3D the memory of the beautiful machines that made the history of railways in my country.

2014-10-18 3D-Exhibition in Art Palace (Pałac Sztuki) Krakow - Poland

23.10.2014-14.12.2014  Art Palace Krakow (Pałac Sztuki Kraków) - one of the most prestigious galleries in Poland presents large individual exhibition of my 3D-images in big format.

2014-07-26 Fashion in the ruins of never finished cement plant.

Collection of dresses by Diana Walkiewicz - here one can order dresses designed by Diana.

2014-07-16 3D-Images from the Moon

45 years ago - July 16, 2014 the first man walk on the Moon. Until December 1972  six expeditions visited the Earth's satellite.
 Here are three-dimensional images from these expeditions - some of them never before published in 3D !!!
 This is not conversion 2D - 3D .  It's a real 3D inadvertently obtained on the common parts of images when panoramas were shooted.

2014-06-21 "Business on high heels" in Radom.

A day dedicated to entrepreneurial women.
Among the other presentations of this day fashion show of Diana Walkiewicz was absolutely worth seeing. Diana is beautiful and extremely talented fashion designer from Poland.
Her website: - here one can order dresses designed by Diana.

2014-06-01 New photomodel - Ina

Gorgeous beauty, extraordinary acting talent ...

2014-04-26 Ukraine; Pripyat

Abandoned city in the radioactive zone.
28 years ago 26.04.1986 disaster occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Radioactive contamination covered area of 146 000 km2 of land on the border of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.  50,000 Pripyat residents of the city have been evacuated forever.
Today Pripyat is a dead city ...

2014-04-02 Poland - Słowiński National Park

Is there any desert in Poland?
Almost so, in northern Poland between the Baltic Sea and Lake Łebsko. This is one of the most beautiful national parks in Poland. Huge dunes buried forest and the village from which survived only a portion of the wall of the church.

2014-03-09 Poland - Szostaki

The backwaters of the river Biebrza

One of the most beautiful places in Poland.
The huge area of ​​swamps and marshes.
You can observe many species of birds, moose, wolves, beavers and other small animals ...
Coordinates: 53.283587,22.461004

2014-02-27 Germany - Berlin

Three days in Berlin
Berlin - a city with a great modern architecture and a difficult history.
I was only three days in connection with the preparation of the exhibition of my 3D-Images.
I'll be back for sure, because I have a lot of places in Berlin I would like to visit.
Beautiful, interesting city.

2014-02-25 Poland - Modlin

Mysterious ruins by the river Narew.

It is not a castle. This is a huge, built in 1844, granary for the one of the largest fortresses in Europe - Modlin. The Granary is located on a promontory at the confluence of two rivers, the Vistula and Narew. Best get to it by boat. I waded through the bushes and swamps for three hours. Coordinates: 52.433357,20.680475

2014-02-25 Poland

A hazy forest by the river Narew.

Where is this forest ? Here You have coordinates: 52.435293,20.699902

2014-02-15 Poland - Warszawa

Ice floes in Warsaw.

Ice floes on the banks of the Vistula River created a remarkable landscape ...

2014-01-25 Poland - Wisła

Surroundings the resort town of Wisła.
The mountains in this part of  south Poland are beautiful. In the valley flows the most important Polish river - Vistula. In this section there is still quite shallow but its current is very fast.
In this area there are many ski lifts - it is popular region for winter sports.
Coordinates: 49.71671,18.841896

2013-11-01 Poland - Karczew

When there are no more people stones tell their story...

In the vicinity of the village Karczew are two old Jewish cemeteries.
One in the center of town (52.083587,21.271772), and the other in the forest (52.080924,21.246903).
It is the memory of the Jewish community who lived in these areas before the war.
During the Second World War, this community was annihilated by the Nazi criminals. Survived only tombstones dedicated to those who died before the time of the Holocaust.
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